Practice policies

For the sake of patients’ health and comfort all the fillings, prosthetics and dentures that have been performed at our surgery are under two year warranty.

If throughout its  warranty period the filling in the tooth or denture gets damaged (falls out) I will do my best to fix it or replace it  free of charge within 14 days from the date such fact has been reported to us.

The warranty will be invalidated if the patient:

  • Terminated the treatment and keeps using temporary fillings or dentures (crowns, bridges, immediate dentures) as permanent ones
  • Fails to come to regular check-up appointments scheduled  on the completion of the treatment
  • Fails to maintain oral hygiene or fails to comply with the dentist’s advice concerning the maintenance of the prosthetics/dentures
  • Has broken the crown of the tooth between dental appointments but in the course of the root canal treatment
  • Has broken the tooth not fitted out with the prosthetic crown after the root canal treatment
  • Has been informed about the limitations of the warranty or the lack of thereof  however  the dental procedures  have been carried out on patient’s specific demand
  • Has been using or storing dentures not according to the dentist’s advice
  • Has only partly completed the deficiencies of his/her dentition thus causing the overload  of the prosthetically  supplemented areas
  • Has single-handedly tried to correct or adjust  the prosthetic parts
  • Has been a victim of an accident and as a result of  a mechanical injury the dental work has been damaged
  • Suffers from bone loss or periodontitis
  • Suffers from bruxism / grinding the teeth
  • Has damaged the denture by using it not accordingly the recommended rules


In the course of treatment occasionally there might occur  some unwanted complications such as :

  • Toothache
  • Swelling, abscess around the tooth
  • Oversensitivity or pain in the surrounding tissues
  • Fracture or crack in the tooth
  • Bleeding or haematoma after  the surgical procedure
  • Lockjaw
  • Allergic reaction to administered medications/drugs
  • Malaise /general emotional unease, elevated temperature or exacerbation  of the coexisting diseases

As well as :

  • Feeling of stress and discomfort caused by the pain, bleeding or the swelling
  • Necessity of taking additional medications
  • Difficulties in speaking and eating
  • Aesthetic related problems
  • Unplanned root canal treatment, tooth extraction or prosthetic treatment

Most of the abovementioned complications wear off quickly leaving no trace whatsoever.

I do not recommend planning a visit at the dentist’s surgery directly prior to any crucial  events such as family celebrations or vacation etc.

The Methods

The cutting-edge methods that I use in root canal treatment ensure a very high level of efficiency  and help to preserve the tooth for a long time ,however one has to realize that it is impossible to guarantee  100%  success  in case of any medical procedure.

Although dentist assumes the responsibility  for the correct  course of treatment according to commonly approved and binding medical standards unfortunately even perfectly performed procedure may not ensure a complete recovery of the tooth due to reasons that are  simply unrelated to the dentist’s work.

The success rate in endodontic treatment of teeth not affected by any bone tissue lesions reaches  around 95% but if the bone tissue surrounding the tooth gets infected then the chances of successful treatment decrease together  with the increase of periradicular lesions  and reach 85% .

If the root canal treatment does not bring the expected results, symptoms like pain, swelling, purulent sinus tract occur and there is no visible improvement in the X-ray examination then probably an additional treatment necessary to cure the inflammation will have to be carried out .

In case when the root canal treatment does not bring the expected results a consecutive root canal treatment or even surgical procedure that is – resection of the tip of the root –  may be necessary. Unfortunately the extraction of the tooth sometimes may be a final solution.

Dealing With Complaints

Misunderstandings, problems and mistakes can occur in any ‘life situation’. If you feel dissatisfied with a particular treatment or outcome then you should contact us by phone, letter or email.

At our Dentica dental practice we treat all cases that involve patient dissatisfaction very seriously. Dr Agnieszka Findysz Kotomski, our principal dentist, will deal with the matter personally. We do our best to resolve all such incidents ‘in house’.

Should you feel that the issue has not been appropriately resolved, you may then lodge a complaint with:


Dental Complaints Service,

Stephenson House, 2 Cherry Orchard Road,
Croydon CR0 6BA

Telephone: 08456 120 540


General Dental Council
For issues relating to professional registration and ‘fitness to practice’, you should contact the General Dental Council:


General Dental Council,

37 Wimpole Street, London, W1M 8DQ

Tel: 0845 2224141


Independent Healthcare Advisory Service (IHAS) at their website:

Care Quality Commission
Dentica is a CQC-registered dental practice located in the City of London Cannon Street EC4 area.

For issues relating to the standards of the practice premises, facilities, policies and protocols and to check our registration with this body, please contact:

CQC HSCA Compliance
Citygate, Gallowgate
Newcastle upon Tyne